What is lot watch?

Lot Watch is an intelligent system that automatically tracks and monitors the traffic and customer engagement on your lot, showroom and in your service drive.


Capture every floor up and hold staff accountable


Improve customer engagement and overall customer experience


Test, scale and measure promotion impact on increasing traffic


Increase CRM input and data quality providing more follow-up opportunities

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Lot Watch keeps track of the floor, so you don't have to. Unlike your "greeter", Lot Watch is always on 24/7.

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Lot watch is a smart counter

Lot Watch brings the power of online analytics to traditional brick and mortar locations in an intuitive turnkey solution for the modern dealership.

True Traffic Counts

  • Exact Counts of All Your Traffic
  • Interior and Exterior Counting
  • Customer Grouping
  • Sale and Service Customer Counts
  • Qualify Prospects

Lot Watch For
The Sales Department

Most dealers lose 35-40% of floor traffic because it’s never logged.

If you’re like most dealers then you’re losing 3-4 ups a day or 100+ ups per month.

At a closing rate of 20%, that's $40,000 per month in lost revenue.

Lot Watch helps capture that 35-40% of floor ups that would’ve been missed.

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Lot Watch For
The Service Department

Lot Watch improves the Service Department’s profitability and CSI by automating the management team’s ability to quantify, track and manage the service drive.

Sell and service more with Lot Watch's automated floor control system

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More than just a counter

Lot Watch offers automated sales performance tracking

Sales performance tracking

  • Salesperson Engagements
  • Demos
  • Service Walks
  • Manager TOs
  • Qualified Leads

Are you interested in success or committed to it? Contact Lot Watch today to see how we can increase and maximize your floor potential.

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Key Features of Lot Watch

Lot Watch Provides Answers and Insights on Customer Behavior,
so Dealers can Convert More Sales and Service Opportunities.


Provides an exact count on your sales and service customer traffic and tracks the staff engagement and "road to the sale" of every customer.

capture every floor up

Real-time text message alerts notifying managers of unassisted customers on the lot.

a more effective “road to
the sale”

Provides better customer engagement, a more effective sales funnel and confidence knowing your sales and service staff are following the proper processes.

Get more foot traffic by knowing what’s working

Monitors the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and how they affect traffic and customer behavior at your dealership.

know exactly what’s happening - anywhere, anytime

The real-time dashboard is your eye in the sky on everything that's happening live at your dealership.


Tracks service customers' engagement duration with service advisors in the service drive as well as wait-times to help increase profitability and CSI.

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How it Works

Our powerful and proprietary technology automatically tracks everything happening at your dealership. Lot Watch is driven through WiFi technology and by leveraging consumers' mobile devices. Lot Watch works through a series of steps:


Beacons are placed throughout the interior and exterior of the dealership.


WiFi sensors detect and collect unique mobile device signals from your guests.


Regions are created using the beacons to track customer behavior and traffic patterns.

lotwatch cloud

Lot Watch cloud receives data and processes it through its proprietary dealership specific algorithms.


Actionable insight is provided through live dashboards, reports and real-time alerts.

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